Tips, Stopper & Buckle

Tips, Stopper & Buckle

More Tips, Stopper & Buckle

Tips, Stopper & Buckle

Metal Tips

Plastic tips


Plastic Buckle


Product Highlight

Although these products might not look high-end, they’re actually very good quality. Sure, you can’t use them for heavy-duty work, and they will break if you throw them around like a basketball. 


Looks great in any apparel as  it’s easy to use..

Smaller pom poms are usually harder to make, but their cuteness makes it all worth it in the end. But it’s hard to come up with a good tool to actually make the fluffiest yarn balls of that small diameter. A multi-colored pompom needed to be uniformly used with the measuring scale in winding yarn color along the arches. The arch has a measuring scale.


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